deep blue waters of the swimming pool at the lake haven mote with hanging baskets of flowers by the balcony of the hotel

Amenities at the Lake Haven Motel

That Lake George Hotel with All Those Beautiful Flowers!

Top 10 Reasons for Staying at the Lake Haven Motel

  1. Walking distance to the Lake George beaches and attractions.

  2. Delivering guests a genuine Adirondack experience.

  3. Your dollar goes further at the Lake Haven.

  4. Our Made in the USA pledge to shop local and support small business.

  5. Heated pool for summer days.

  6. Barbecue grills and a family vacation done right.

  7. Motorcycle friendly.

  8. Support a family-owned American small business.

  9. Great partnerships with Lake George restaurants.

  10. All those beautiful flowers

two beds in a sunny hotel room at the Lake Haven Motel in Lake George NY
Entrance sign of the lake haven motel in lake george  ny